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It's Summer 2024

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If seeking a pepper-salt pup, please contact Katrina at Reign On Standards

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Champion & Health-Tested Parents for Higher Quality & Healthier Pups 

Pet vs Show: AKC Limited reg and/or Co-ownership are used until AKC Titled or Spayed/Neutered

We request and check references for puppy homes

When seeking a great pup, research and find answers to questions like these:  

Are they on good terms with their breeder? Are they in violation of their contract with their breeder? 

How long have they been breeding? 

Where do they live? In a zero lot line home with no fenced yard? 

Is the breeder in violation of their HOA? 

Is their puppy application 6 or more pages and totally exhausting? 

Does their contract have monetary fines and prevent you from "owning" the dog?  

How many dogs do they have? 

How well and where do their adult dogs live? 

How many litters do they have annually? 

How many times do they breed each female? 

How many different breeds do they breed? 

Are both parents tested for DCM, hip dysplasia, eyes? 

Are the Parents champions or titled? 

Is the breeder respected by their peers and competitors? 

Have you been to their premises? Do they have references? 

What is their main source of livelihood? 

What does your gut tell you? 


Autumn 2016

Dam:  CH Rocket's Red Glare (Pepper)     

Sire:  CH Charisma Alazcam (Charisma Cafe Diable & Charisma Lady Dulcinea)

Winter 2015

Cortaillod Dexter (OFA Good) & Julia Sugarbaker of Elkhart

Spring 2014

Mystical Merlin od Dalajskeho potoka (OFA Good) & Charlie Girl (OFA Good)

Spring 2013

Mystical Merlin od Dalajskeho potoka (OFA Good) & Bardwood-Elkhart Back in Black (OFA Good)

Summer 2012

Bardwoods Black Hat Harry (OFA Good) & Kitrii od Dalajskeho potoka (OFA Good)

Spring 2011

Mystical Merlin od Dalajskeho potoka (OFA Good) & Charlie Girl (OFA Good)

Autum 2010

Ernhart's the Intimidator (OFA Good) & Kitrii od Dalajskeho Potoka (OFA Good)

Spring 2010

Von Schattens Fire & Ice 4 Elkhart (Boo) & Schwarzeneger Arnold de Manso Pelegri

Spring 2009

(OFA Good) Champion Schwarzeneger-Arnold de Manso Pelegri and Juliet od Dalajskeho Potoka (OFA Good)

Spring 2008

Champion Schwarzeneger-Arnold de Manso Pelegri and CH Paricda's Cinders Final Say (Sammi - OFA Good)

404-931-1121 or


We are members of the Standard Schnauzer Club of America (SSCA)


We neurologically stimulate, socialize, and test temperaments 

Our entire family of canines have been tested for D-cardiomyopathy (DCM)



Roxanne Hildebrand with Bartigeins Wisconsin

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