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Welcome to Elkhart Standard Schnauzers

Home of champions and lovable standard schnauzer family members. Elkhart is tucked into a small township outside Gainesville. We have an acre where the dogs can run and play and ample room in the house for indoor fun. Our adults are house and crate trained, and enjoy the home as we do. They are part of the family.

My first loves in schnauzers were my grandparents' mini named Schatzi and a very special black standard named Baby my parents brought home when I was a teenager. And with Baby, we were quickly smitten with this wonderful breed. I followed in my family's footsteps with my own Standard Schnauzer about 18 years ago, having acquired my first two standards as pets; a black and a pepper salt. It was at that time I was bitten by the dog conformation show bug, and I discovered the importance health testing.

We set out for a well balanced, healthy, and beautiful dog - show dog or household pet. Our dogs are guardians, hunters, family members, and true clowns. We have mentored and partnered with top kennels in Brooksville FL, Long Island New York, even Europe and Russia. All of this with with an eye towards improving the breed. Our goals are: great health, excellent temperaments, sound structure, epitome of breed type, and correct wiry coat. These medium-sized, robust companions are fiercely loyal to their owners and are excellent watch dogs. We occasionally have black standard schnauzers and pepper salt puppies, too.

Come and stay a while on our pages and get to know our dogs. We encourage you to learn as much as you can about this breed and to choose your next pet or show dog wisely. We only have puppies on occasion, but we are always here to assist in any way we can including referrals to reputable breeders.

We are members of the Standard Schnauzer Club of America (SSCA)


A word about ear cropping and tail docking - as puppy buyer recently summarized so well for me, "we circumcise human male babies without asking them; ear cropping and tail docking are no worse than that." And I agree.

My grandparents got a schnauzer when I was a child. She was a black mini named Schatzi and she was a great companion. I immediately fell in love with the regal bearded schnauzer look. Schatzi remained in our family for the rest of her long life. In 1993 my parents got a black standard schnauzer. At the time we didnt know the difference in personality between a mini and a standard, but we soon found out. Standards (SS) are about twice the size of mini's but about 4 times the dog. They are a large dog packaged in a medium size. They are high energy & high rev as puppies, they can be more work to potty train and/or chewers, and they have a longer puppyhood, not settling down until they are about a year old. But then they start to mature into enjoyable dogs and you really feel like you have something, a bond and a real accomplishment, so you appreciate the adult standard schnauzer even that much more, at least I did. Our first Standard was very small for a SS so we called her Baby. In 2007 Baby crossed over the rainbow bridge after 14 brilliant years with my parents, she will always be remembered.

In 2001 I followed in the footsteps of my family and I got a standard schnauzer of my own. There was a waiting period though, as can be the case for a nice standard schnauzer. At the time I had no knowledge or interest in conformation dog shows, We just wanted a pet. We liked her so much that later we got another Standard Schnauzer as a companion.

It was in 2003 that I first became interested in showing and started attending local shows and learning about structure, breed type, and grooming, etc. As you can see from the website, we've been mentoring with some great folks. Our goal is to be true to our dogs and the welfare of our breed on every level. On the occasion that we breed, our aim is to produce quality and a total package. By that we mean happy dogs with excellent temperaments, good health, and great conformation to the breed standard. We hope you enjoy your visit to our website.

At Elkhart, our focus is on the black standard schnauzer. Occasionally a pepper/salt pup or adult dog might pop up, but our main emphasis is on black.

Black Standard Schnauzers