SHOW FUN Black Standard Schnauzer News

  • Annie is awarded "Select Bitch" at the National Specialty weekend shows in Houston, TX   
  • Summer celebrates 2 majors, one a 4 point 
  • Thank you Dr. Andrea Bradford for Milli's 4 point major!  Elkhart's Schutzengel Di Milano
  • We celebrate Annie's AKC conformation Championship.
  • We celebrate Jordan's AKC conformation Championship. 
  • We celebrate Merlin's award (tie) for SSCA "stud Dog of the Year"    
  • Maggie finishes her AKC championship.  Maggie is DCM Clear/Normal and has beautiful Uncropped ears.  
  • Charlie and Merlin both test clear/normal/negative for DCM (cardiomyopathy).  Piper is Clear by parentage
  • Elkhart's Charlie Girl goes Best of Opposite on Friday at 2013 Schnauzerpalooza! 
  • Elkhart's Black Lace goes Best of Opposite on Sunday at 2013 Schnauzerpalooza! 
  • mff Ivy's Secret Garden finishes her championship with 4 majors
  • Introducing mff Elkhart Magie Noire 
  • NEWS FLASH: ELKHART's Charlie Girl goes Best of Opposite at Eukanuba 2012 in Orlando 
  • Elkhart's Open Your Heart goes Best of Opposite at Space Coast KC Eukanuba weekened 2012 Orlando 
  • Introducing MoonFlowers Ivy's Secret Garden with two majors from the puppy classes
  • Elkhart Dalaj U Got the Look finishes her Championship with two 5-point majors & 3rd major going Breed from the classes
  • Elkhart's Black Lace goes Best of Breed from the classes over two Very Lovely Specials in TX for a 4 point major 
  • Elkhart's Open Your Heart v Dalaj Finishes her Championship at 10 months of age with 4 Majors 
  • Kiba Bardwoods Regal Pelegri wins Best of Opposite Sex at Eukanuba Dog Show! Sire is our own "Arnold" 
  • Rocky Bardwoods Black Prince wins an Award of Merit at Eukanuba Dog Show! Sire is our own "Arnold"
  • Elkhart's Piece of Cake goes Best of Breed over 2 Very Beautiful Specials Belton TX, her first weekend out 
  • Kitrii od Dalajskeho potoka and Emma (Bardwood-Elkhart Back in Black) are NEW CHAMPIONS 
  • Rocky (Bardwood's Black Prince) goes Group 1 Oct 2nd 2011 in Murfreesboro, TN ! Results
  • ELKHART's Charlie Girl wins 2 majors in Atlanta August 2011 finishing her Championship, way to go, Charlie 
  • Elkhart's Black Lace celebrates her first Major Win at Houston (Not a crossover)
  • Emma (Bardwood-Elkhart Back in Black) celebrates a GOOD on her OFA
  • Merlin wins 2 majors in Atlanta, GA Feb 4 and 6 2011 and becomes an AKC Champion! (Not crossovers)
  • Rocky receives a Group 2 Jan 29th 2011 in Ocala, FL! 
  • Merlin (Mystical Merlin Elkhart's od Dalajskeho potoka) celebrates a GOOD on his Permanent OFA Click Here for Report
  • Kitrii od Dalajskeho potoka celebrates a GOOD on her OFA
  • Elkhart's CHARLIE GIRL wins 4 points at Marietta Georgia All Hallows Cluster
  • Elkhart's How you Doin' - Wendyll 

Sired by Schwarzeneger Arnold de Manso Pelegri and Bardwoods Royal Shadow:
-- Bardwoods Royal Shadow is a "Leading Producer" from a single litter, pups sired by Schwarzeneger Arnold de Manso Pelegri 
-- Rocky celebrates group 3 and group 4 wins in November at Florida shows 
-- Bardwoods Regal Pelegri (Kiba) finishes her Championship going Best of Winners for her last major 
-- Bardwoods Black Prince (Rocky) celebrates his Championship after only 14 days of showing 
-- Bardwoods Ebony Dream finishes her Championship going Best of Breed from the classes over specials (pictured below) 


Kitrii  <-- First place in age class at National Specialty 2009.  MAJOR Pointed. 

Chipper (Jessie)  <-- First Major, Herding, and Reserve at National Specialty weekend 2009 by winning the Open Class


Onyx's brother ANGUS wins 2 majors at the following shows:


Elkhart's ONYX - click to enlarge New picture of Onyx posted

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